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Household conveniences, such as: sinks, dishwashers, refrigerators, toilets and water heaters, have water running through them.Unexpectedly, any one of these can be the source of three very distinct categories of water damage to your home.

Water Types:
Category 1 is water straight out of the faucet. If a water damage occurs from this type of water, the restoration process is uncomplicated, compared to the other two types. If attended to quickly, damage and/or odor may be very minimal with possibly very little restoration required.

Category 2 would be water due to a sink back-up, a dishwasher discharge hose leak or a garbage disposal that malfunctions and leaks water. The category 2 water type contains food or other particles. Left untreated, growing bacteria would cause increasingly foul odors and would be unsanitary.

Category 3 would be a sewage back-up. The health concerns surrounding this type of water are serious and must be handled with all safety measures in place. This category requires specific biological containment.

Water Restoration
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Water Restoration Image
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