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Long after the flames and smoke are gone, soot remains. Soot is the fire particles of what was once on fire. Once airborne, soot clings to any and everything. All Pro uses time-tested equipment, products and techniques to remove the soot and its odor. Once the particles have been removed, your house will be back to "pre-fire" condition. In some cases, soot is not the only residual damage from a fire. Heat from a fire can permanently stain surfaces, from walls and ceilings to a wide variety of surfaces and textures.

Fire Restoration
Fire Restoration Image
Fire Restoration After Image
In most cases, our experience
allows us the ability to restore
what would appear "un-restorable". With All Pro Restoration's fast response, experience and quality workmanship, your home will be "like new" again. We have an extensive history in both restoration and in working with homeowners
and their insurance companies to make your home "whole" again. We're here to help.
Before Restoration
After All Pro's Restoration
Experience. Quality. Fast Response.
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